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The Madonna School is a difference maker in the community. It is the only private school in the region that serves exclusively children with special needs, giving families the option of a safe and nurturing environment that provides each child with both the academic and life skills necessary to reach his potential.

Madonna comprises three elements: a K-12 school serving mildly to moderately disabled children, a Life Skills Transition Program for mildly to moderately disabled 18-21 year olds, and a sheltered workshop for moderately to severely disabled adults. Founded on the Christian principles of the value, worth and dignity of every individual as created by God, the Madonna School and workshop serve over 100 individuals and their families.

The Madonna school relies upon special people in the community because:
Ø  It is a Catholic grade school with no parish to support it.
Ø  It is a Catholic High School without an alumnus of prosperous donors.
Ø  One third of all Madonna students come from families who qualify for the federal free or reduced cost lunch program.
Ø  The cost of tuition covers only a fraction of the costs incurred to facilitate the educational needs of the Madonna School students.

The Madonna School mission is to serve students and adults with cognitive and developmental disabilities to become as independent as possible. All donations are tax deductable. Additionally, donors and sponsors are recognized in our event catalog, on the Celebration blog, and best of all, you will be a partner in the continuation of serving the educational and spiritual needs of the special students at the Madonna School. 

More information regarding the school’s mission, core values and history.

More information regarding the Celebration event.

Questions and donations may be directed to any of the following:

Toody Moffat
Madonna School Development Assistant

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