Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bright Beginnings

*We are please to share another family story. Guest blogger Patrick Flanery

Our son, Jack (age 7), has just completed his first year at Madonna School. He went to OPS for kindergarten and was required to switch schools for first grade to attend an ACP classroom at another school. Upon finding an ACP classroom, we learned that particular classroom would be moved to yet another school the following year.

We knew at some point we wanted to send Jack to Madonna and agreed it was probably in his best interest to make the move for first grade in order to eliminate all of the transitions. Not only do we have a more stable situation for Jack, but also a loving and caring environment with Christian values. Jack’s two older sisters have the benefit of receiving Catholic education and now Jack will be able to have the same benefit.

Jack loves coming to school every day, and we enjoy bringing him to school and starting our day by interacting with the other wonderful students in the gym each morning.  
This year Jack was the youngest student at Madonna, and it was great to see the older kids take Jack under their wings.
After attending the music programs at Madonna, we were struck by the true love among the students and how happy they are for each other after they perform, cheering and giving high fives all around! It just warms your heart. Jack is a musical person and gravitates towards all things that make music or sound. Music therapy has found ways to work on all areas of need in creative ways that Jack is willing to participate – whether it was writing skills, balancing skills, counting, speech, etc. The music therapy room has done great things with Jack this year and is just one of the examples of how the staff develops innovative ways to teach each individual.

We have discovered the Madonna School community of faculty, staff and other parents are dedicated to the school, its mission and sharing information to assist other parents in navigating through the various challenges we face not only at school but in all areas of our lives. The recent completion of the transition wing and the ground breaking for the north wing are not only exciting but are also great signs of commitment to the future of the school and related programs.

We are excited about Jack’s future at Madonna School!

Patrick Flanery (c) 2014

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  1. Hay everyone I am doing just fine. You do know me but I am keeping my name on the down low sorry coach V I don't want everyone to know who I am. How is Kim Subzject. and the others doing. Talk later.


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