Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Welcome to the Madonna School Celebration Blogsite! Thank you for stopping by. 

In short, the Madonna School is a private school for special needs children. Celebration is the annual dinner and auction fundraising event for the school.  I am Mardra Sikora, parent of Marcus-who is in his final year at the Madonna School.  He is 21, in the transition program and has attended since he was 5 years old.  (My, how time flies.)

This blogsite is here to spread the word.  There will be updates every two weeks with stories about the Madonna School’s mission and successes, information about the Celebration event, how to help, and special news. 

Also take a note of the top page listing our sponsors (as they arrive for Celebration 2012) and be sure to support the organizations that support the Madonna School.  The “Why Celebrate?” page reports on the Madonna School mission or take the link on the left column directly to the school’s official website.  When you are ready to send items for the auction, click the info page at the screen top for more information.

Most importantly, follow the blog and share, share, share.  There may be a story that someone you know can relate to, a fun element added to the Celebration, or a connection that you can fulfill. With your help, let’s spread the news of the great work done at the Madonna School and let’s celebrate!

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