Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Generous Life

“Let me tell you that the world is more generous than bleak;” sings Rebecca
 in The Omaha Project song Generous*, “Love is more tangible than grief.”

“Heaven won’t hand you the life you thought you’d lead.”

"Heaven will do better, if you let her...” 

Have you noticed this too? Isn’t it the truth?

If you want to witness good in the world, hang out with Marcus for a day. For example, as I stepped off the bus in New York City, I nodded at the large man with stubbled face and bright yellow “Transit” vest. Marcus was right behind me and I turned to grab his hand. Then I watched this gruff man bend over and tie Marcus’ shoe. “Oh.” Marcus said as he smiled, “Thanks.” And gave him a thumbs up as we walked away.

I saw Marcus approach with open arms the CFO that everyone else tiptoed around, to receive a smile and hug from the wearer of only starched white shirts and perfectly creased suits. In earnest. And I’ve seen strong men act silly and children show patience beyond their years while they interact with my boy.

It’s true, not everyone allows themselves to be affected. Some folks continue on their path, ignoring or perhaps even snubbing the effect of his innocent soul in our world. I am disappointed when these people include doctors, community leaders, or even some of his own family but Marcus responds by filling his world with more friends.

Marcus has much to say and share, from reminding me that “Nobody’s perfect,” to stopping every parent with a baby in a stroller to compliment, “He’s so cute!” His imagination is endless and his love boundless.

He opens my mind to see there is good in the world.

His first few years of life I experienced the collision of joy and fear. Marcus graduates from the Madonna School this month. Next month he turns 22. I have learned, “Nothing is here by accident. So take care of every day.*”

The video below is a two minute glimpse at a generous life. Enjoy!

*Music and Lyrics © The Omaha Project EP Circus used by permission.  
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© Mardra Sikora

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