Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Madonna School Rhyme

One two buckle my shoe

Quick Facts to share with you

Three, four, knock at the door

Moved to the new building 2004

Five, six, pick-up sticks

Students of all faiths in the mix

Seven, eight, lay them straight

First private special needs school in the state

Nine, ten, a big fat hen

Learning to work gives students a win

Eleven, twelve, dig and delve

Some work kitchens, some retail shelves

Thirteen, fourteen, maids a-courting

Catholic school with no parish supporting

Fifteen, sixteen, maids in the kitchen

Only 25% of cost is covered by tuition

Seventeen, eighteen, maids in waiting

There’s no way of overstating

Nineteen, twenty, and thanks a plenty

How your support touches lives a-many

Whew!  And here are some notes that don’t rhyme!

One third of all Madonna students come from families that qualify for the federal free or reduced-cost lunch program. Madonna School educates and empowers students of a varied range of abilities and potential from ages 5-21. In the Madonna School Mission is to serve students and adults with cognitive and developmental disabilities to become as independent as possible.  All teachers and the School Principal are certified in special education and the maximum number of students in a classroom is 10.

These last notes do not rhyme, but they are plenty full of reason to join us for Celebration August 25th, 2012! 

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