Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Madonna Shop: Comfort and Hope

Why I chose the Madonna Shop for my Sons      

Madonna shop for the exceptional is just what the name says and more.

The first day I entered the workshop I was greeted with smiles and laughter from the people who work there, beginning with Sandy, who greets everyone with such thoughtfulness.

I chose Madonna Shop because it’s a business with a statement they truly believe in; therefore, making them a place of faith and hope. I trust the Madonna Shop and that the staff will do their best to meet each individual’s needs.

Starting with Robin
who cares very deeply for what she does. She listens, laughs with you, cries with you, and tells you as it is (even if it’s difficult to hear). Robin brings out the best in her clients. This isn’t just a job for her; she actually cares.

From very first visit I felt that the entire staff believes in their cause. They are not only meet the client’s needs but also support the families. They really listen when you have concerns and try to help you to work it out. Each client develops goals that are not beyond reach and build on their success. 

Madonna staff has humor. If something negative happens, they react with a plan that diffuses the situation. They take little steps to help each client have hope that they can pass what is expected of them.

The staff demonstrates patience, which at times isn’t easy. They show understanding, encourage when it is needed, and reward with positive and uplifting words.

My sons actually look forward to their job. The staff jokes around with them and makes them laugh and smile. It’s a job of compassion. What a difference it makes when you want to go to work.

The Madonna Shop brings out the best in my sons and that gives me comfort and hope. It is truly a place of exceptional care.

This is just a glimpse of what Madonna does for this family and the happiness it brings knowing my sons are happy.

Guest post © Judy Shea


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