Thursday, April 11, 2013

reflections from Madonnapalooza and what's next...

Mary Kay and I attended the Madonnpalooza event last Friday. Wow! What a wonderful opportunity for Madonna students and their families to enjoy and evening of food, music and great fun. Seeing the kids on stage with the band was heartwarming - so much energy and joy for life. Some of them I have known for years – what progress they have made. Watching the parents and family members take pride in these young people reminded us of those moments we shared with our children as they grew. What a difference Madonna School makes in the lives of special young people.

We need to make sure these growth opportunities continue so I asked you to get involved by supporting the Working Wonders event coming in August. I know what a difference this fundraiser makes in the lives of these special children. Please help Mary Kay and me and all those who are working to make this event a success. Whether you help sell a few raffle tickets or donate an auction item or help invite people to attend, your contribution will benefit many who need your help. Please consider joining us in Working Wonders by contacting me directly. You can also call Jay or Toody at the school for more information.

Thank you and may God bless you and your family.
Fred Otterberg

Click here to read the note from Fred Otterberg.

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