Tuesday, May 21, 2013


“Hi! How are you today?”

It’s how he greets us every morning, each member of the Madonna Workshop staff, one by one. It’s as though his workday can’t begin until he’s asked each employee how he or she is doing. “Hi, how are you today?”

A simple gesture to be sure, but five simple words mean so much on a slow, early morning. What better way to start the day than to know that someone cares enough to inquire about your wellness? In fact, until Maurice makes his rounds of “Hellos” and “How are yous,” it’s as though our workdays can’t begin either.

Maurice embodies a genuine kindness which extends far beyond his daily greetings and those of the Workshop staff; his thoughtful actions reach our highly valued client base at Madonna via sharing, teamwork, and above all, friendship.

As with any workplace, keeping employees engaged and occupied is an important facet of our daily routine. In order to adhere to this principle, clients at times may share their work items with others. This is not a “company rule," nor is it an opportunity all clients jump at (for fear of lower personal pay), but for Maurice and the personal standards to which he holds himself, the fair division of materials is a personal rule and one he maintains without exception.

In fact his when asked his opinion on the matter, Maurice responded quite seriously, “I love sharing! It makes you a better friend and worker. Everyone should share!” Imagine if everyone could share his attitude!

Maurice willingly takes on any assignment, regardless of its complexity, if it benefits the Madonna team. Our work tasks have varying degrees of difficulty and though the more complicated jobs, such as going on delivery, are preferred by few, Maurice considers them among his favorites.

“Delivery is tough,” he tells me.

So why do you like to do it?

“I do it to help my friends. I do the hard jobs so they don’t have to.”

Maurice understands that every member of the team is different, as well as their skills. His awareness of this fact and his efforts to compensate for it make him not only a good team player, but a great team leader.

Maurice is considered by all a great friend and for him the feeling is mutual. When asked to rank the things in his life that are most important to him, Maurice put his friends in the top spot.

Who are your friends Maurice?

“Everyone at the Workshop.”

Why is that?

 “They make me feel important.”

They make me feel important. Five simple words, just like his morning greeting, means a lot.

On behalf of the Madonna staff and clients: Thank you Maurice, you make us feel important, too.



Madonna Shop Client Profile: Maurice Haywood

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