Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Greetings From Senator Bob and Peggy Krist

Greetings from the Honorary Chairs

Senator Bob and Peggy Krist

Peggy and I are proud to have been a small part of the Madonna Family over the years.  From the first “ask” from Sister Mary Evangeline to the present, we continue to be ever mindful and dedicated to what is best for the Madonna School and Shop.  We have loved the opportunity to work with many of you to improve the foundation and growth of all Madonna services.

 We are also proud to serve this year as the Honorary Chairs, knowing the real credit for the success tonight goes to Fred and Mary Kay Otterberg, whose hard work and continued dedication to this institution has never wavered.  I had the honor to serve with Fred on the Board when he was the Development Director so many years ago.  He used to tell all of us, “Just get them in the doors to meet our kids and they’ll be hooked.”

We are asking all of you to help us support our cause of personal choice and passion.  You will be supporting many who may not “fit in” but deserve the chance to be a “part of” this beautiful world.  They are truly gifts to all of us if we take the time to listen and know them.

I hope by looking in the faces of our students and clients you will be compassionately and emotionally inspired to support this great cause.

Peggy and I thank you for being here to help us Celebrate Madonna!

Senator Bob and Peggy Krist                                                              2013 Honorary Chairs


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