Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Madonna Shop Educates the Mind, Body, and Spirit

This week we have a guest post from the parents of a Madonna Shop Client.

The Madonna Philosophy

Our son Joe, has worked at Madonna Workshop for 28 years – a long time – here is why:

To start with, for us it was an easy decision choosing the Madonna Workshop as Joe graduated from Madonna School and we wanted the same philosophy to carry over into his work situation.

When you enter Madonna Shop, the tone is immediately one of warmth and respect and a real camaraderie mixed with a serious work ethic.  The caring and encouragement from the staff is apparent while challenging them to be their best and develop a good self-image. 

Plus the Madonna Shop focusses not only work skills of their clients, but mind and body are developed as well via art classes, where they learn to be creative, and through physical exercise from the use of treadmills and exercise bikes with a physical therapist. 
Fun, too, is important – on Friday afternoon and work is done, they can earn time playing games such as the Wii.

In our opinion, Madonna Shop truly educates the mind, body and spirit – how lucky we are to have it and that Joe can be part of it.

Frank and Jody


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