Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Let's Get This Party Started!

The excitement builds as the Celebration nears. 

Mary Dobleman has been working for several months on preparing what will surely be another exciting success for the Madonna School program. She, and her husband Tom, have been advocates for the Madonna Programs for several years for many reasons and this year are the chairs of the Celebration event. 

When asked why the Madonna School is important to Mary and to the community, she answered:

Our nephew, Lewis has been a student at Madonna and we also have had other friends with special needs who have had their children at Madonna at different times. Tom and I both work in Healthcare and we have worked closely with special needs children and their families in different capacities providing different levels of care. One overall theme for all of these families was the concern they had for their special needs child as they became young adults and needed more life skills and ways to gain more independence. Every parent wants a child to be able to reach a level of skill where they can live independently. Madonna's mission was consistent with this concern and the dedication of the staff at Madonna was impressive. Tom and I realized this is the one place that is really helping fill the gap for these individuals. The money raised for the school is used wisely and the needs of each student is very basic. We want to help Madonna reach as many special needs children in our community as is possible.” 

Then on the subject of the sunflowers and this year’s Celebration theme:

Follow the Sun is our theme. Sunflowers grow toward the sun, they are bright and cheerful. Our Madonna children bring sunshine into our lives....they follow the sun .....they are bright and cheerful. as the theme song goes... Not knowing what tomorrow will bring, we will follow the sun"

If you’re wondering about what exciting new items and old favorites will be part of the auction this year, stay tuned! The Celebration Blog and Facebook page will begin sharing sneak peaks at some of the great stuff you can bid on while supporting the Madonna School.

Have you bought your tickets for the August 23rd event? You can reply to the school with a check or pay now through Paypal. We look forward to seeing you there!


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