Thursday, August 23, 2012

Great Late Breaking News!

This week we’ve focused on the live auction items. It’s been fun, hasn’t it? So here we are only 48 hours from the event and I’ve got some great late-breaking news. 

"Is it that the 'Party!' Now includes a case of wine,

54 pints of Stella, a beautiful wooden cooler and more?"

Well, that is good news but not what I’m thinking of.

"Is it that the 'Coast with the Most' trip now also includes two tickets to Ellen?"

 Wow, that’s very exciting, but still not the best possible news.

Are you ready for the best news?

An anonymous donor has shared that they will match

– dollar for dollar –

every “raise the paddle” donation.

"Raise the Paddle" is when you can help the Madonna mission with your donation, whatever you can give. It’s when our attendees truly show their generosity. 

WOW! The impact of your kindness will be doubled.

We are already so thankful, thankful to individuals for their readiness to believe in the potential of the children and adults of the Madonna School and Workshop, thankful to our sponsors who enable Celebration to bring the message of the mission to a wider audience each year.

And most of all we thank God for showing his love through the Madonna staff and in the smiles of every student.
I think it's about time to Celebrate!





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