Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Why we look forward to Celebration

This Guest Blog is from our Celebration Honorary Chairs: Mike & Beth Jareske

We always look forward to attending the Madonna dinner.  Why?  Because we know that those who are there, have hearts of gold. 

We love being surrounded by these good people who appreciate and support the special mission undertaken by Madonna. It is an evening to celebrate a fine school and a wonderful staff. 

It is an evening to count our blessings and to rejoice in the big and little steps that are made everyday at Madonna.  And all who are there, count these students as great blessings from God.  Our favorite part of the evening
is the student’s performance.  After many hours and days of practice, they come together to fill the room with love and joy.  That's why we are there!  It always brings tears to our eyes, smiles to our faces and peace in our hearts.  What a happy and fun night it is!

We love Madonna School where each student is recognized as a beloved child of God, who deserve the best we can give them.  It is a great place to be accepted, to fit in, to learn, to grow and feel cherished.  

Our family is so grateful for Madonna and all the people who lovingly taught our Tim the skills he needed as a special needs adult.  Along with his devoted parents, what a team he had!  He has lead a happy and productive life and his soul is always ready to meet The Lord.  As parents, isn't that our hope for each of our children?

For any parents in this community who have been given the news that they will have a child with many challenges, there must be comfort in knowing that Madonna will be there for them.  A million, no a billion, no 12 trillion thanks to Sr. Evangeline for giving her all for God's most  precious people.

Mike & Beth Jareske

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